My practice has been shifting from a purely photographic towards an interdisciplinary practice, often involving the creation of site-specific environments. Using a combination of found, man-made and natural materials, I feel drawn to create environments and seek to express something real behind layers of artifice and mystery.

When I make art, it gives me a sense of connection; moments of understanding and belonging. It feels like a treasure hunt for glimpses of truth. At the same time I enjoy playing with the seductive smokescreen of make believe.

Recent projects explored ideas around imagined cult sites and shrine like installations. These pieces are often ephemeral. I am interested in the theatrical in ritualistic practice and am exploring ideas around the longing for transcendence and escape into other worlds through the creation of (sacred) spaces.

Whenever possible I aim to work site-specifically and in response to a situation found. I have an open-hearted, open-minded and experimental attitude and go where the practice takes me.

By placing myself in unfamiliar contexts I can delve in to projects and find myself connecting more deeply.

Ongoing collaborative projects include Birds' Ear View, Forsaken Identity and Cave collective.

People and friends I work with...
Jon Barraclough, Rob Peterson, Marijke Brinkhof, Mike Carney, Cat Lauigan,
Neringa Plange, Sam Meech, Hannah Peel, Daisy Kroon, Tabitha Kyoko Moses,
Euro Theater Central Bonn, Elsewhere collaborative...